We Have a Variety of Teas for Purchase


Pai-Mu-Tan – From the Fujian province comes this beautifully styled, elongated leafed tea with white tips and gray-green leaves.  Brews to a pale golden cup with a sweet, mellow taste.

White Ambrosia – This delectable blend combines Snow Bud white tea with flower petals and apricot and mango flavors to create a truly exquisite cup.  Taste is light and delicate with the fruit flavor tasting fresh and slightly sweet.


Assam – This twisted, slightly tippy Assam black tea from northern India is zestful and invigorating.  It produces a deep copper colored cup, with a malty, mellow and full-bodied flavor.  Assam is truly the Bordeaux of tea!

Ceylon Lover’s Leap – Located in the western area of Sri Lanka, the Lover’s Leap Estate looks down onto the clouds.  Local lore says that there is a cliff on the estate where lovers would leap off if they were forbidden to marry, hence the name Lover’s Leap.  The large, black twisted leaves from this garden brew to a light amber cup with a forest aroma and a smooth and mellow taste.

Darjeeling – This tea from India is a full-bodied, medium sized, tippy leafed tea that brews to a bright amber cup with a smooth medium body, with a delightful champagne after-taste.

English Breakfast – Full bodied with a malt aftertaste.  Milk and/or lemon can be taken with this tea.  


Yunnan – The slender, well-formed, tightly rolled, jet-black leaves of this China tea yield an amber cup with a brisk, full-bodied taste.


Formosa – Black and green tea blend.  Full body and tawny color.

Goddess of Mercy – Light amber cup with a bold and invigorating flavor.

Oo-Mango-Long-Medley – Sweet and refreshing with a light mango taste.


Black Currant – The flavor of black currants is tart with a slight touch of sweetness and a pungent, musky flavor.  DECAF ONLY!

Blue Mist – A blend of jackfruit, apricot and mango black teas that brews to a deep amber cup with a sweet, fresh fruit aroma and taste.

Chai French Vanilla – Chai tea combined with cinnamon pieces, cloves, cardamom seeds, anise seeds and natural spices.  It has a subtle creamy flavor of French vanilla with a spicy aroma.

Chocolate Orange, Raspberry or Mint – A combination of black teas from China and Sri Lanka with the sweet, rich flavor of dark chocolate and a touch of natural orange, raspberry or spearmint flavoring.

Citrus Dragon – Black tea with tarragon and citrus flavorings.  Very light!

Ginger Pear – The subtle taste and aroma of pears is paired with the warm flavor of ginger root.  Brews to a deep amber cup that is fragrant and fruity with light ginger undertones.

Gooseberry – This black tea blend brews to a deep amber cup with a strong, sweet berry taste.

Hazelnut – Has a strong aroma and a nutty flavor.  Reminiscent of the winter holidays.  Delightful with a little cream.

Irish – Indian teas mixed with a dash of Earl Grey.  Full-bodied, robust tea with flowery notes.

Jackfruit – Black tea blended with orange blossoms and flavored with Jackfruit (a fruit from India with the aroma of banana and pineapple).

Orange Cranberry – A natural flavored tea with orange peel and cranberries which gives it a nice sweet aroma.

Orange Cinnamon Spice – Indian teas with a touch of Earl Grey, orange peel and cinnamon.  A deliciously fragrant, full-bodied tea with citrus undertones.

Passion Fruit – This black tea has an earthy, musky, fruity aroma and a full taste that envelops your taste buds with its intense fruity flavors.  It is flavored with mallow blossoms and is truly delightful.

Patriot’s Blend – This tea is a combination of coconut pieces, raspberry pieces and blue cornflower petals.  Steeps to a golden cup with a medium body and a light fruity taste.

Pumpkin Spice – A combination of black tea with pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves and allspice to create a deep amber cup that is velvety smooth and aromatic.  It’s light, delicious taste is reminiscent of pumpkin custard.

Russian Caravan – Combination of teas from China, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka and has a dash of Earl Grey.  Brews to a bright copper cup with a mellow, flavorful, medium-bodied taste and a lemon-citrus aftertaste.

Spiced Apple – A light tasting tea with apple pieces and spiced apple flavoring.

Strawberry Cupcake -  The strawberry taste first hits your taste buds, followed by the rich, creamy, chocolate “cake” taste.  Leaves a lingering taste of fresh fruit.

Sweet Fusion – Licorice lovers… this is for you!  A distinct fennel taste is complimented by the addition of sweet and spicy flavor.

Sweet Sizzling Cinnamon – This tea combines teas from China and Sri Lanka with organic cinnamon pieces and a cinnamon flavor that is hot and sweet – just like red hot candies.

Toasted Nut Café – Black tea blended with almonds and coffee beans.  A light toasty coffee flavor.

Vanilla Pear – The rich taste of pear is accented with vanilla overtones.  The sweet, light brew contains cornflowers.  THE MOST POPULAR TEA!!!!

Wild Berry – An outstanding blend of strawberry, blueberry and blackberry flavors.  A picked berry aroma and a taste.

Wild Cherry – Black flavored tea with cherry pieces.  Explodes on the taste buds.



 August Peach – Peaches have a delicate, intoxicating aroma and a heavenly taste.  This Chinese green tea has the refreshing taste of sweet peaches.  ALSO AVAILABLE AS A BLACK TEA!

Coconut Citrus Sunshine – This delightful blend combines sencha and gunpowder green teas with coconut, lime, lemongrass and ginger to create a brew that has a refreshing citrus taste with accents of coconut and ginger for a pleasing finish.

Crème de la Berry – Combined Chinese green tea with strawberry fruit pieces, cacao nibs and strawberry flavoring.  Brews to an ecru cup with a light strawberry cream taste and just a hint of chocolate.

Dragon Well – Most popular tea in China.  The flat, smooth leaves steep to an emerald green color with a distinctive sweetness.

Green Lemon Ginger – Combines natural lemon oil and organic ginger root with green tea from China.

Moroccan Mint – A delicious blend of spearmint and green tea.  The green tea unfurls into large leaves with a pale ecru cup and strong mint flavors.

Pomegranate Acai Yum Berry – A blend of green teas, fruits, flowers, nuts, pomegranate, acai and yum berry flavors that brew to a light pink color with a delicate fruity tart taste.

Sencha – Slender dark green leaves have a fresh, vegetal aroma.  Sweet and slightly earthy taste.  ALSO AVAILABLE IN DECAF

White Lilac – This delicate green tea, with the fragrant aroma of lilacs, is a very relaxing floral cup.



Forget-Me-Not – A blend of blackberry, jasmine and rose black tea with blackberry leaves and jasmine flowers.

Lavender Lace – Flowery, with mint.  Slightly sweet with lemon verbena, spearmint, cinnamon, lavender and rosemary.

Rose Kissed Jasmine – A spectacular combination of jasmine and rose petals.

Vanilla Orange Jasmine – A first rate jasmine with a fruity creaminess.

Violet Rose – A black tea with the essence of violets and sweetness of roses.



Almond Sugar Cookie – Heavenly!  This is the best word to describe this black tea blend. You will think you are in a bakery with its aroma and nutty goodness.  The tea is delightful with no calories.

Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake – Slightly sweet, scrumptious black blend – has a lightly toasted flavor with the delicious taste of apple and cinnamon.

Chocolate Caramel – Two favorite tastes – chocolate and creamy caramel – meet in this delicious blend.  Let the sweet chocolate aroma awaken your senses while the rich, smooth chocolate taste, and buttery aftertaste, thrill your taste buds.

Cinnamon Chocolate Brownie – Do you love chocolate but hate calories?  This tea may be the answer!  All organic and natural ingredients, this black tea blend tastes decadent with no residual weight effects.

Crème Brulee – This scrumptious tea blend has the taste and aroma of buttery, creamy sweet goodness.  The dark amber cup has a finish that tastes like caramelized brown sugar.

English Toffee – English Toffee is a sweet made with sugar and butter.  This decadent tea has a sweet, creamy taste with no calories!  Blended with black teas from China and Sri Lanka and brews to a deep amber cup with a light butterscotch taste.


Caramel Walnut Shortbread - A caffeine free tea with a nutty, buttery taste with deep caramel overtones.  Needs no sweetener.

Coconut Macaroon Green – Coconut Macaroons are a confection made from egg whites, sugar and coconut.  This tea is smooth and creamy with a heavenly aroma.

Carrot Cake Green – This tea has a delicate aroma of carrot cake spices.  It is full flavored and fabulous with the smell of just carrot cake.

Lemon Raspberry – Black teas and herbs create this wonderfully refreshing beverage.  Black teas, rooibos, lemon peel, raspberry leaves and natural flavors.

Rose Rooibos – A blend of Rooibos, rose petals, rosehips and lavender. A tantalized floral bouquet with a sweet taste.   DECAF ONLY

Tropical Papango – This caffeine-free blend is a winner!  Rooibos is combined with fruits, flowers and create a wonderful smooth tropical fruit taste.



Earl Grey – Floral notes of Bergamot, this tea will become your favorite!  Combination of Darjeeling, Assam, Chinese and Sri Lankan teas.  A sure delight!

Emerald Green – Natural Bergamot flavoring added to Green Sencha Tea. A delightful light scented tea.

Lady Mrytle’s –  Blend of Lemon Myrtle, Rooibos Earl Grey, lavender and roses.

Summertime – This tea has a smooth refreshing light peach taste with subtle Earl Grey undertones.

Victorian – Wonderful mixture of Rose Congou, rose petals, lavender, rosemary and natural Bergamot oil.  Has a sweet floral taste.  ALSO DECAF


Berry Nice – Rosehips, blueberries, cranberries, apples, raspberries and blackberries mixed with wonderful berry flavorings to create this herbal tisane, a fabulous brew that is delicious hot or cold.

Caribbean Splash – A blend of papaya, hibiscus, orange peel, lemon peel, kiwi, orange blossoms and flavorings.

Citrus Splash –  Dive into this blend of rosehips, lemon peel, orange peel, alfalfa leaf and lemon grass.

Currant Explosion – This flavored tisane explodes on your taste buds!  An exceptional blend of black currant, blackberry leaf, rosehips and raspberries with currant flavoring.

Lucious Lemon – A lemony blend that combines lemon peel, lemongrass, lemon balm and lemon verbena with natural flavorings.

Silky Spice – Blend of hibiscus flowers, cinnamon, cloves, sarsaparilla, coconut, allspice, orange blossoms with vanilla and cinnamon flavors. Brews to a deep red cup.  Slightly spicy with a creamy finish and a lingering spiciness that is refreshing.

Tulsi – Holy Basil – (Ocimum Sunctum) native to India, Tulsi is revered in Ayuvedic medicine as a powerful healing plant.  Called “Queen of Herbs” and “The Elixir of Life”, Tulsi, an anti-oxidant, has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties.

Venetian Sunset – Blend of chamomile flowers, raspberry leaves and peppermint.